Want to Get 21-Times Better at Lead Conversion (Within 5 Minutes)?

Did you know that you’re 21-times more likely to close a real estate internet lead if you contact the lead within 5 minutes as opposed to after 30 minutes? Watch the short video to learn more:

If you’re paying for online leads – or even if you’re getting them for free – you should do everything you can to immediately follow-up with every lead with either a phone call or email.

The easiest way to do this is to set-up your online leads sources to send you a text when the lead is created. That way, you can call or email the lead immediately after getting it. Calling the lead is your best chance of converting the lead, but sometimes you won’t have a phone number, so an email may be your only option.

You can create an email draft as a note on your phone, so you can copy and paste an email to the lead right away. You want to make the first email is as personal and specific as possible, so you may want to edit the email to include any specific info you have on the lead.

Follow-up within 5-minutes and see if you don’t convert more of your online leads.

Written by Josh Hohman