7 Excuses to Door-Knock Your Way to More Real Estate Listings


Real estate agents are obsessed with the latest and greatest technology and gadgets, but sometimes the old-school approach works best. Hiding behind a computer will only get you so far in real estate, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to generating real estate listings.

If you absolutely, positively need a new listing this week, then door-knocking is one of the most time-efficient ways to generate immediate business. However, many agents have an initial fear of door-knocking because they don’t know what to say, or they are afraid of getting the door slammed in their face (this never happens).

The truth is, if you can overcome your fear to just knock on a few doors, you will see how easy it is, and why top agents have been doing this since the beginning of time to generate a steady flow of listings. To make things easier to get things started with door-knocking, here are 7 “excuses” to knock on someone’s door and start a conversation about real estate:

1.) Local Market Update

Homeowner’s love to hear about how the local market is doing. Print out a flyer with stats on recent local sales, and you immediately have something to talk about.

2.) Charity Food or Clothing Drive

Many real estate agents use a charity food or clothing drive as a reason to get in front of the neighbors. This works great if you’re worried about being too pushy.

3.) Buyer Needs

These are often called “magic letters” because they work so well. The idea is to ask around the office and come up with a list of buyers that are having trouble finding a home that matches their needs. Compile the list and take it around the neighborhood. This shows potential sellers that you are a go-getter, and is an easy way to uncover if the homeowner has any potential interest in selling.

4.) “Scare-Up Some Business”

This is a really simple conversation. Write out a script using the phrase “I’m just out introducing myself to the neighbors and looking to scare-up some business”. Said with a smile, this conveys a bit of humor that is disarming, and is a great conversation opener.

5.) Promote an Open House

If you have a listing already, then you should certainly be out door-knocking to tell the neighbors about upcoming open houses. Even if you don’t have a listing in the neighborhood, someone in your office probably does. Ask if you can promote their open house by handing out flyers to the neighbors. I mean, who wouldn’t want more free marketing for their listing?

6.) Recent Sales and Free Home Evaluation

Homeowner’s are always interested in hearing about recently sold homes in the neighborhood. Print out a list of recent sales (not just yours) and talk about whatever you find interesting about them. Maybe a home sold for over asking, or sold in only a few days – anything that may uncover hidden interest in selling. Then, if the homeowner is engaged in the conversation, offer a free home valuation report to be delivered the next day. If you get this far, then there’s a good you have a listing!

7.) Introduce Yourself

As simple as it sounds, sometimes the easy solution is the best one. Just knock on the door and let the homeowner that you’re with the local real estate office and you’re out introducing yourself to the neighbors. Then, ask them if they know anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Easy and effective.

Give any (or all) of these a shot. The hardest part of door-knocking is getting started. Once you see how friendly and receptive your neighbors are you’ll be well on your way. With so many ways to get started, you have no excuse for not getting more real estate listings!

Written by Josh Hohman