Convert Cold Leads into Clients

Realtors – do you have a ton of old (and cold) internet leads? Watch this short video and learn how to and turn cold leads into clients.

If you have a lot of internet leads, you know that some of them never respond to anything you send them. Ever.

You may only have an email address for these leads, so calling them isn’t an option.

I like to put these leads on an email drip campaign, and send them a series of 10 messages over 2 weeks.

But for some percentage of the leads, I don’t get a response of any kind.



But here’s a trick that gets at least a *few* of these cold leads to respond every time I send it out to my list.

I send them this short and simple email:

Hi, I’ve been trying to reach you. Do I have your correct email address? Are you still looking to buy a home?

It’s amazing how many people will respond to this message – both positive and negative.

The beauty of this email is that once they respond, they are much more likely to engage with you if you follow-up quickly.

Give it a try and see if you can turn some of your cold leads into clients.

Written by Josh Hohman