7 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Bringing Sexy Back for Real Estate Agents


Let’s face it. Direct mail is the ugly older sister in the marketing family. She’s old as dirt. She’s not sexy like online marketing, and isn’t as popular as her hip sister social media marketing.

Worst of all, she’s delivered by people wearing bad polyester uniforms.

But newer doesn’t always mean better, and direct mail still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Here are 7 reasons why direct mail is bringing sexy back for real estate agents:

1.) Easiest way to reach sellers

Online leads are almost exclusively looking to buy a home – which is great, except that buyer leads take up a lot of time and are fickle to work. Listings are the best way to leverage your time and energy, and the best way to reach a homeowner is through the mailbox.

2.) 14.5 cents/piece vs $1.00 pay-per-click

With the postal service’s Every Door Direct Mail (“EDDM”), you can deliver a mail piece (postcard, envelope, or basically anything under 3 ounces) for only 14.5 cents. The only catch is that you have to mail to everyone in a particular mailing route (typically about 200-500 people). Still when you compare this to regular first class mail at 46 cents, or online pay-per-click rates of a dollar or more, EDDM is a steal.

3.) Full attention

With direct mail you have the recipient’s full attention – even if only for a second or two. There are no flashing banner ads, emails to read, or other distractions just a click away like there are on a computer screen. Your mail piece still has to be grab the recipient’s attention, but at least you have a fighting chance with direct mail.

4.) Great mail content sticks around

I love direct mail because it has the tendency to stick around for a while. If you send something of value – like 5 quick tips on how to save on energy costs around the home – the homeowner is more likely to stick the postcard on the refrigerator and look at it every day. When it’s time to sell their home, who do you think they’re going to call?

5.) Promotes you as the local expert

Consistent direct mail is the key to being perceived as the local expert. Sellers overwhelming (74%) list with the first agent they meet. This is great news for you – all you need to do is be in front of the seller consistently enough that you are the first agent the homeowner thinks of when it’s time to sell.

6.) Long history of success

Direct mail is a proven science with a long history of success. There’s a reason why Fortune 500 companies continue to send you direct mail. Spend a few hours researching direct mail tactics online (not at real estate sites) to learn what works and why. You don’t have to be perfect with direct mail – you just need to be consistent about mailing each month.

7.) Most agents are really bad at direct mail

Most real estate agents are really bad at direct mail because they focus on branding themselves rather than delivering valuable content to the homeowner. You can set yourself apart by focusing your attention on the homeowner rather than tooting your own horn.

Do your research to find out what works, and then stay focused on delivering valuable content each month. It may not be the newest or sexiest marketing tactic, but if done correctly and consistently direct mail can reap huge rewards for the listing side of your business. And as you and I know – there’s nothing sexier than having multiple listings!

Written by Josh Hohman