7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate Email Marketing


Avoid marketing purgatory (or worse) by avoiding the 7 deadly sins of real estate email marketing:

1.) Getting Filtered to Spam

Did you know that your fancy HTML email has a higher chance of ending up in the spam folder than a plain-text email? Or that using certain trigger words like “free” or “click now” also increase the likelihood of being filtered? Your emails (even your mass emails) should look like a personal email.

2.) Not Getting Your Email Opened

If emails are like tiny packages, then email subject lines are the shiny wrapping. Add some sparkle and try to create some curiosity about what’s inside. Think of the subject line’s only job as getting the email opened. Also, keep it under 55 characters – any longer and it will be truncated on some mobile devices.

3.) Not Getting Your Email Read

The structure of your email plays a big role in whether or not the message is read or deleted in the first few seconds. The email should look like a personal email, and not a bulk-mailed newsletter. Use plain text and keep your paragraphs short – long blocks of text can feel overwhelming to readers. Avoid a long signature block. Do everything you can to make the email look more like a message you typed out on your phone, and less like a sales pitch.

4.) Making Your Email Too Long

If your email is more than 5-6 sentences long, then you’re asking a lot of the recipient’s short attention span. Try to stay focused on one topic in your emails to leads and contacts. So, if you’re sending the lead a link to a new property, then don’t try to hit them up for a referral in the same email.

5.) Making it About You

If you’re emailing a lead, then make the email about them and their needs. Focus on the client’s needs and keep the shameless self-promotion to yourself.

6.) Not Delivering Value

Make the email all about your client’s needs, but also deliver value. Got a tip about a great house coming on the market that your buyer will love? This is a perfect reason to stay in touch. Ideally, your contacts look forward to seeing your emails because they know you send them great stuff.

7.) No Call-to-Action

Every email should have a call-to-action – even if you’re just asking for them to call you if they have any questions. Remind them that you’re there to help, and they you welcome their call.

You’re better than this. Avoid the 7 deadly sins of real estate email marketing and become a more effective real estate marketer.

Written by Josh Hohman